Gyrus, created by Eric Chamberlain / Angelic Engineering, is the foundation for a tentpole entertainment property encompassing film, gaming and television, reaching across a wide demographic of potential consumers. The film follows the evolution of a lost and suffering protagonist into the heroic figure known as Gyrus. In the changing and ever-challenging landscape of film, the Gyrus property provides a platform on which to build and distribute countless products. Existing in the present, the past and in spiritual realms, and following the paths of compelling characters, Gyrus has untold opportunity for development and sales.


Gyrus, the film, is a timeless, surreal drama about the convergence of biological, technological and spiritual evolution. It is an elegant and poetic film that involves two main characters; a researcher (Herald Kydak) and a subject (8477447), both of whom are trying to discover who they really are as they attempt to access a newly discovered space. As they learn about their true selves, we discover the true nature of humanity. From this main spine of the story grow vignettes that reveal the true scope of Gyrus. I don’t want to give too much away because there are huge things happening in Gyrus, trust me! I’m hoping that as you watch the relationship of these people unfold, you might see some of yourselves in them, as well. Maybe you'll even see some of yourselves in each other.

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Characters inhabit a recognizable world in the early 2020s. As they learn more about a newly discovered space they learn more about themselves, as well.

Nephillus Hyalus

Gyrus is, in many ways, a film of subtlety. I won’t be hitting you over the head with giant monsters crushing cities and clear-cut good guys and bad guys, at least not in this film. I hope that Gyrus will open doors to larger, even more insane things happening but I have to do this film first.

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The film will not be explaining or justifying everything as you would expect with a lot of typical mainstream film. I am treating you not simply as a customer but as a witness of a significant event. Your interpretation will say more about you than it does about me. I’m just the one opening the door and I hope you find that intriguing.

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The aesthetic language of the film, both visually and aurally, will evolve as motivated by the story. For example the relationship between different characters is reflected in their leitmotifs, while changes in color, tone, aspect ratio, motion, editing, sound and depth in composition reflect evolution itself. Aesthetics evolve, reflecting the evolution the characters, the film and the revelations therein.

Gyrus is inspired, in part, by neorealist and contemplative cinema, but imagined with modern production techniques. The use of disparate yet complimentary elements to create a cohesive whole, what I call film design, will enable a contrasting juxtaposition of energy and emotion, and Gyrus will grow to feel like an experience beyond the mere juxtaposition of images. Beginning and playing as a film typically would, it will eventually evolve into a living phantasmagoria of vision, sound and revelation, a gleaming, surreal fantasia from an unknown reality.


People complain about seeing the same thing over and over, which I understand. Gyrus is an opportunity to make something different, something special, to make cinema that is compelling based on the evolution of energy rather than simply following the same characters around the same plot. I'm hoping that our civilization still has an audience for the type of film that Gyrus can be.


Vyrys Corp technician preparing subject for projection attempt into the Shadotecture

As stated, Gyrus is a drama, not an action movie. Having said that, you will experience sublime, intense moments. You will see things that are simultaneously beautiful and terrifying, as is humanity. I am going to show you a world that is familiar yet undeniably unexpected. It might sound like a bold statement, but I can tell you right now that you will see things in Gyrus that no human has ever before witnessed, at least not to my knowledge. I am not claiming absolute originality, however the juxtaposition of energy and form in Gyrus is not something I’ve seen or heard of elsewhere.

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Regarding this, it is important that you know something about me. I am challenging but not subversive. When you see particular things in this film, know that they serve a specific motivation for the themes and are not meant to be offensive. Controversial? Perhaps. Intentionally offensive? No.

Having said that, I can’t control your reaction to Gyrus. That’s really a big part of who I am. I don’t like it when filmmakers lecture me, so I won’t do that to you. Instead of telling you what to think, I’ll give you something about which to think. You draw your own conclusions, which is, itself, one of the main themes of the film.

Why does this film need to be made? This is really the most important part and there are many reasons why this film should be made. I’ve been thinking about and working on this for many years, since the 1990s. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve had a projector playing in my head, 24/7, streaming inexplicable imagery, as if some empyreal flow of energy from the universe is going through me. It’s always there, and when I sleep I dream it. All the images you see in the concept art and all the ideas I have just come to me. This is the raw material for the film. Essentially I figured out how to use this crazy energy that flows through me for something positive for everyone.

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I believe that the human species does not know what it is. Other animals do not, as we do, learn through generations since their origin. We can observe that our species is on a path, but to where? We have beliefs by which we live but it never occurs to us to carve our own spiritual path. We have many goals as individuals and as nations but we don’t have a universal goal as a species and I believe that is because we don’t actually know who we are. We are not self-aware as a species.

The Aethrabyss, a limbo for souls (hopefully) in transit

Our mythology is based on the idea that we are part of a system over which we have no control, when in truth we define reality by defining ourselves. Our thoughts, actions, failures and judgments indicate what humanity is, while redemption keeps the possibility of defining ourselves open. I see people focusing on what their differences are rather than what they have in common and that’s the source of endless negativity, mistrust, fear and hate.

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This negativity was actually the original inspiration for this film. It was the seed that made me say, “I must do this.” You are part of something that is vastly, incomprehensibly larger than you, but you also have more control over that than you can possibly imagine. I want to show you that.

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What about the ‘why’ for you? People are tired of being lectured by filmmakers with an ax to grind. People are tired of watching the same stuff over and over and people are tired of paying to see mediocre product that costs obscene amounts of money to make, that does not offer much substance and that drags our culture into the sewers. As you know, the film industry can be very political and if your project doesn't have the right spots at the right time then you can’t frolic in the jungle. That’s a big part of the problem of content. You have to compromise the product and who you are in order to appease the machine, and even beyond that there's a good chance you're manufacturing data-driven content for the lowest common denominator. That’s bad for culture, bad for artists and bad for you, the consumer.

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We don’t have to deal with that. We can do our own thing! Here, with Gyrus, you get to enable something that is not compromised by these various nefarious antigregarious influences. In bypassing these problems, you are literally enabling the addition of an uncorrupted artistic vision into our global culture. That’s an amazing opportunity! This is independent filmmaking in its purest form and it really could be the beginning of a revolution. Not only that but, by supporting Gyrus, you are enabling me to help others. My leadership philosophy is to create three layers of benefit: It helps the audience, it helps the team and it helps me. Everybody wins. It’s a benefit to make this film!

In order for this to happen, I need to be able to get the right people on the right page, and I can’t do that without you. Which brings us to the big question: Why would you trust me to write, direct and produce this picture?


First, please take a look at my Full Bio. All of my creative experience is going into this project.


Second, I’m doing this for you. When I was producing music I learned that it’s not enough to be an artist for selfish reasons, but that I need to wed what I love with what others need. That’s why I am making huge sacrifices in life to make this happen for others.


Third, I am treating you as a witness. Unfortunately many filmmakers have contempt for their audiences. I am not like that; I believe that the audience deserves respect and can handle slightly abstract representations of themes without having their hands held. I respect you.


Fourth, I am aware of my own ignorance. I know that the same ego that enables me to do this must be put aside in order to listen to and employ different perspectives. I already work that way so you don’t need to worry about hubris hurting the film. I will hire those who have more experience in given areas than I do. Also, I don’t think that this movie will be as bad as the first music I made in middle school, either (please see Bio).


Fifth, I deliver. I have completed everything I have said I would do. I am trustworthy. I said I would do all of the following: design a role-playing game, graffiti my girl’s name on the back of a bus stop in Hawaii, get signed and release many records, become a graphic designer, complete my degree, write a self-help book, write and illustrate a children’s book and many other things. I delivered on every one. Remember the X-Acto knife incident from my Bio? That’s dedication. I understand why people are hesitant to back projects and that’s why I hope that my experience, my motivation and my vision will convince you.


Lastly, this is not just about a single film. I have created the foundation of an entire universe for future stories and games, as I did when I was a kid. I have always been fascinated with exploring other spaces, be it via role playing games, watching the original Tron nearly 300 times, Star Trek, video games and even with musically exploring spaces. I looked out at the world and decided that this universe would be what I give to others. It’s all connected in the past, present and future, and in new spaces, and can address who we are as a species and where we’re going, culturally, technologically and spiritually. This is how my brain is wired. It’s what I do. The potential in this larger property for exploration, design and shaping perspective is limitless. It is exciting. I could’ve become a politician in order to tackle all these things but I wanted to spark your imagination rather than insult your intelligence. This really is what I was born to do ... for you.

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